Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ten Killer Ways On How You Stop Your Baby From Crying.

For new or even the older parents, having a colic baby, sometimes becomes very difficulty in overcoming such a state. Before one succeeds, he or she has to use several methods for Treatments for colic in babies so as to sooth the child. Some of them may include;

Ø  So as to relief your baby from stomach pain, rub it gently.
Ø  Consider having a drive as most of the colic babies like rides.
Ø  Try rocking the baby, as it can lull her to stop crying and even catch a sleep.
Ø  Colic babies have been helped greatly with the use of peppermint, so make sure you have some for her.
Ø  Give your baby a warm shower or bath as it relaxes colic babies and even stops them from crying.
Ø  Ensure that your baby is placed in a baby bouncer and just let the gentle jostling soothe her.

Ø  Make sure that, the baby’s elastic pants are not rubbing on her tummy thus, causing pain.