Thursday, February 20, 2014

Five Things acting agents look for in an actor

An agent is very key in your professional acting career. Agents majorly get actor’s audition, organize meetings with casting directors and also can build careers of these actors. When actors consider taking on a new client, they have several factors which they normally look at.

Significance: Actor’s credit is essential in the eyes of an agent. They want to confirm if the actor has really booked work on film and TV. The more the credit, the more chances an agent will accept the offer. To make credit sometimes they take help of Katrina Kaif videos to judge the other contestant.

Function: An agent is entitled to get wok for actors and negotiate deals on behalf of their client. Generally when an agent meets with an actor, he has to perform a scene or a monologue to convince them that you can act.

Types: They will majorly appreciate if they see actors training, cold reading, improve classes a also scene study.

Consideration: The agent will first want to understand your special skills when you are meeting with him/her.

Warning: Most reputable agents do not like accepting a new actor who is over the age of 21 or even 18 years.